Consulting Magazine Spotlights Tipping Sacred Cows

The December, 2012 issue of Consulting Magazine featured a strong review of Tipping Sacred Cows. From the review:

Breeden's work identifies the seven most common sacred cows at work--including balance that turns bland and passion that becomes obsession--and how to overcome them. Whatever the profession or discipline, it's a pretty safe bet that your company, or your client's company, is making many of these mistakes right now. Correcting them can go a long way--even all the way to the bottom line.

I'm very happy that the editors at Consulting Magazine see the link between the concepts in the book and practical matters, like profit. I worked hard to add something new and novel to the leadership conversation, while addressing the real concerns of people in business.

It's also an honor to be reviewed on the same page as the latest book from Roger Martin, Playing to Win, which he wrote with A.G. Lafley, the retired CEO of P&G. Martin is one of my favorite thinkers and writers, and I highly recommend you follow his work if you haven't. I'll read Playing to Win on my next cross-country flight.