Using science and stories, Jake provokes, pokes, prods and pushes groups to rethink, unthink and think about their thinking. The keynote speeches and workshops begin with surprises and end with solutions.

Shredding Silos

There's no shortage of collaboration in your organization. The problem is, too much collaboration happens within silos -- in soul-crushing meetings -- and not enough happens across silos. This talk gives leaders the tool set and mindset needed to work across boundaries to drive innovation and improve performance. 


Get Ready to Grow

When your world starts to change, it's a good time to stop and consider if you should change. 

Jake reveals the latest thinking on attachment theory and helps you apply it. What attachments prevent you from growing and changing? And how can you start to let them go today? 


Tipping Your Sacred Cows

In this interactive, provocative program, you walk step-by-step through two journeys: First, you unearth your organization's biggest sacred cows. And second, you uncover and confront your own personal sacred cow.


Is There Vice in Your Nice?

Based on research from behavioral economics, Jake shows you how three virtues -- collaboration, fairness and excellence -- hide damaging spite, paralyzing perfectionism and learned helplessness. And he provides three proven steps to stop the downsides of those sacred cows.


Recent/upcoming speaking engagements include... 

  • Cisco Service Delivery Executive, Global Summit, 2013, San Jose, California
  • Triangle Organizational Development Network, 2013, Durham, NC
  • Authors@Google, 2013, Mountain View, CA
  • Duke University, 2013, Durham, NC
  • INFORMS (the world's largest analytics association), 2013, San Antonio, Texas
  • California Independent Bankers, 2013, Newport Beach, California
  • Lenovo North America, 2013, Research Triangle Park, NC
  • Rio Tinto, 2013, Brisbane, Australia
  • BHP Billiton, 2013, Melbourne, Australia
  • Insurance Australia Group, 2013, Sydney, Australia
  • Oracle Australia, 2013, Sydney, Australia
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee